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What Is An Ethical Personal Injury Lawyer ?
All lawyers should work under a code of ethics and the same holds true for lawyers handling personal injury law cases that effect your life.

Ethics as defined in some dictionaries has been described as a philosophy of determining and or recommending the concepts of right and wrong.

If a personal injury lawyer practices "bad" or "questionable" law he or she may be considered "unethical". An "ambulance chaser" is clearly considered as unethical primarily because ambulance chasing is illegal and also considered very unsympathetic.

If you are in a car accident and a lawyer magically appears at the hospital you've been taken to with his business card and or requests to speak with you about your accident, this is classic "ambulance chasing".

The law strictly prohibits lawyers from directly soliciting business from potential clients and serious penalties can be levied if an attorney is found guilty of such an act.

Other ethics considerations can include how your lawyer approaches your case and whether they weigh all your options properly and communicate them to you in a clear and realistic fashion. If lawyers put themselves before their clients this can also be considered an ethics violation.

Fast talking lawyers who promise you the world to sign on the dotted line should be examined thoroughly and it's probably good advice to research several lawyers before deciding on a final one.

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