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Types Of Personal Injuries Suffered In An Automobile Accident
Many different types of injuries can be sustained in a car accident or motorcycle wreck but most injuries are often related to the neck & back and sometimes results in dismemberment of arms and legs etc...

The most common type of auto accident injuries reported are related to major sprains, twists and contusions as a result of a car wreck. Back and neck pain is probably reported on the most and probably takes the longest to properly heal.

Obviously there are much more serious injuries such as disfigurement or the loss of use of ones hand or legs or even worse a detached limb.

Emotional injury because of an accident can also play a role in a victims total recovery. Some people find it difficult to get back in a car after being in a serious accident and need help to overcome these new fears.

Imagine being in an accident and seeing first hand body parts all over the place or people screaming out of plain horror. The scene of an automobile accident often times is quadrant off from the public because it's just too much for people to see.
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